Video thumbnails


    When to use

    The video thumbnail guideline has to be used whenever a video should be linked, uploaded or shared. It is essential to present videos similarly so they will be recognized and associated with the Sonax brand.

    When to consider an alternative

    If you need a thumbnail or image that is not related to the video context, try using a more general, image-related guideline.

    Presenting people / Presenting cars


    For sure, as you have noticed, video can be a tricky thing. A long video duration generally promises a lot of relevant and useful information, but if you do a deep dive on platforms like youtube, this is not the case. We are sure if you have produced a video, you want it to be watched intensively, repeatedly and delightfully, so all of your hard work gets the right amount of recognition. If people should watch your video, you have to compress your content to a single, meaningful image that calls for the user's attention, followed by the desired click. This image is called a video-thumbnail and it has to show what the user can experience in your video. Do not picture a dog if you only filmed a cat, do not tease a million if you only had a few. Be honest, but make it juicy. Sonax has no interest in clickbait.

    Application videos

    Application videos need a special kind of thumbnail, not to make you mad, only to communicate the content more conveniently! As the title mentions, this type of video shows the application of one of our products, so show it. Each application video has to show the used product, has to mention its product line-up and its name. Yes, the product name, even if it is inconvenient, long and complex but the video is about the product, so people should be able to track it down. Furthermore, we want to leave no room that we are proud to present our products, therefore include our logo to each of your thumbnails.

    Mentoring videos

    On the other hand, mentoring videos show a process using our product line-up to reach a specific goal like cleaning your car interior as a whole. Because of the use of multiple products, it would be hard to fit them all into one image. As a result, mentoring thumbnails should only show an image that is related to the task. For example, use a closeup of an interior clean-up if your content addresses this topic. All mentoring thumbnails have to use the same tagline, categorizing them as mentoring and a unique, descriptive title. Do not use emotional and unnecessary grammar to decorate your headline, keep in mind, this thumbnail may only be visible for a blink of an eye and has to catch the users attention. Of course, include our logo, it is our video and we are sure we can be proud because you have done a great job composing it.

    Technical guideline

    Let's address the hard and nerve-racking stuff. Yes, there are rules on the technical side of things and we are sorry, but it is important so we can use your thumbnails without an additional amount of work. First things first, use a provided template (see the asset guideline). Everything you need, like the logo, font-face and font-sizes are included, do not change them our designers would not like it and they are very picky. You can change everything product related, like the product image, the background image and the product colour to fit it to our product line-up and the containing product. If you are not sure which colour to use, have a look at our design tokens. Things that never can be changed, even by us:

    • Deliver at least a 1280 x 720px sized image, larger would be better, but keep the image ratio.
    • Deliver only PNG files. We don't like JPG because of it's compression
    • Rendered thumbnail PNG files can not be larger than 2MB, sorry but that is a fact
    • Keep or deliver the source file, so it would be possible to change things
    • Only use product or background images that are delivered by us. We like being in control of our product imagery.

    Asset guideline

    So we provide templates for all of our thumbnails, it should be easy to adapt them but let us talk a little bit about it to make sure you will get it right.

    Background images

    Change the image to either an image that represents your video best or to a product line-up image if requested (application videos). The image has to be blurred if a product is placed in front. Furthermore, there has to be a noise texture and a sharpen layer on top of each composition to make the image pop. It adds a little bit of extra work, but trust us it will be rewarding.

    Product placement

    Products should fill the right side of the frame, use the prepared guides to get the right size and do not cross the provided boundaries. The image has not to be equally sized if the product shot is unusually wide but do not cut it! If your product shot does not fit your thumbnail, ask for a better one, we are glad if we can help.

    Diagonal and colours

    If a product is shown the 15deg diagonal shape has to be included, filling the lower right corner, period. Change the colour to the related product line-up colour so the user can understand where he can track it down. Do not move or scale it, this special element has to stay in place.

    The logo is our key element in every thumbnail. Rules are very simple and can be summarized as not touching it. The logo can not be removed, scaled or rotated.