Video guidelines


    When to use video

    Video is an appropriate solution to communicate complex or a large amount of content in a short amount of time. Related to the application and distribution of physical products, video is a key part of the Sonax brand. In many cases, a motion picture may be the only solution to appropriately present a product, but it always has to tell a story and has to fit a purpose within the brand context.

    How to use video

    The desired brand communication and quality have to be as high-class and clean as possible (structured, subtle and discreet). It is powerful (high-contrasts, clean and confident), dynamic (high- and lowkey) and emotional. All motions have to be impactful, straight and readable. Effects like wiggle, distortion or disassembling are not part of the brand. Fades should be soft and starting or ending on black, there are no jump cuts, radial fades or hard clipping fades.

    Technical guidelines

    All motion assets have to be as large as possible. There are manifold operational purposes for presenting a Sonax motion picture, ranging from a common youtube upload to a hight resolution festival screen. Not all visuals have to fit all purposes, but it is recommended to capture and store the highest quality available. In general, all assets have to be full HD with 30 frames a second. Assets distributed online should be H264 encoded and compressed via the highest bitrate available. Targeting the next generation of streaming, 60 frames per second and a 4K resolution should be considered with starting a new project. Exotic resolutions like a squared phone recording could only be used in exceptional cases like live streams or on a special network. The common screen resolution is 16:9, if a video has to be cropped, it should be done in the process of post-production so there is always an original 16:9 fallback.

    Look guidelines

    In terms of colour grading, the motion picture elements should be treated like all other Sonax Assets. The colour range has to be vibrant, contrasts have to be strong and it is important to have large, clean areas of rest. Working with a large amount of white, black, brand grey or brand blue fits the general Sonax look. It is recommended to not be shy of very strong highlights and extreme changes of brightness. Like a clean surface, strong reflections and moving lights accentuate the brand image. Keep in mind that the colours of the defined Sonax product line up should be only used to highlight the associated product. These colours are not part of the Sonax meta-design and can't be used for UI / motion-assets like lower-thirds or title scrolls.

    Fading guidelines

    In reference to the branding guidelines fading should take care of the high performance, high professional character all Sonax products unify. To punctuate a clean and high-class visual appearance all fades should be starting or ending on nearly black. Be mindful of the timing. A fade starting or ending on black needs to have a proper length to get notified by the viewer. About a second is a great starting point that should work for most projects. If a completely black background seems too dark or is not the way things should look like, an animated, fully loopable backplate is available. Usually, a title scroll or an outro sequence could end on the provided backplate to get some sense of motion or dynamic instead of a static black background.

    Easing guidelines

    Easing is a way to adjust the animation timing of objects that travel a fixed distance. Rather than moving with a constant rate, elements can speed up or slow down. The easing function allows controlling the specific amount of acceleration. As all elements that are based on physics, easing allows to ground visuals in nature simulating friction, gravity and mass. Relating to the brand characteristics all motion visuals should express an adequate amount of dynamic and have to be as physical as possible. An appropriate solution to express such dynamic it is possible to use an ease-in function. It is recommended to give all assets some amount of acceleration, starting slowly with some amount of impact before they stop instead of a linear movement.

    Example animations

    Some examples of how the provides assets can be composed to build a full story-driven animated clip. Keep in mind, these compositions are only examples, feel free to try something new with the provided assets, following the documentation above.

    Sonax intro
    Sonax outro

    Asset guidelines

    The provided asset pack consist of the basic, most commonly needed templates like a logo animation, lower-third or a title scroll. All assets can be downloaded in an uncompressed format and should be used like that. Keep in mind, by using already compressed material the output would result in a bad quality. Try to avoid that kind of double compression.