Social media images


    When to use

    If you are responsible for one of our communication channels that are linked to our customer base, this guideline is for you. Use it to create an officially branded social media appearance, starting with the channel header or the right profile image.

    When to consider an alternative

    If you are producing marketing materials, promote a product lineup or would like to compose a campaign photo-shoot, look at our guidelines on how we present people, cars or introduce our product lineup by key-visuals.

    Brand core / Presenting people

    In general

    Social media, as one of our primary communication pillars trough direct and personal customer engagement, includes every form of virtual community or network. Don't get picky about it, if more than one person on your platform communicates this guideline has to be applied. More specifically, we talk about Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Xing, Linked-In, every form of video communication like Zoom, Hang-Out or the whole variety of digital exhibition interaction. And yes, we want to spread our knowledge, help your customers and present our product-lineup on any channel possible.


    If you are responsible for an official SONAX communication-channel or there is a need to create a new channel uniting a group of people with a specific interest in one of our markets, please make sure this channel follows your branding guidelines. Starting with header and profile images use the right material we provided. For example, if the operating channel is about bike enthusiasts, the header-image should include the bike key-visual so all participants can connect it to our bike-lineup. If a channel consists of several interests like tuning, it might be hard to assign only one of the lineups. In this case, you could use one of our generic key-visuals or, if the group of enthusiasts connect to a pressure group, like tuning, we will create a custom image for you. In this case, please contact your brand official.

    Channel header

    A well-designed header image captures the essence of a channel's content, so it is clear what kind of discussion it reflects. As mentioned, it is crucial to use an image that communicates our values and appears consistent with our brand. If your channel is a global SONAX channel and not part of a specific pressure group, you have to use one of your generic key-visuals. Including the defined variety of primary products we offer. We want to make sure everyone gets the idea of all markets we take part. Yes, not everyone has the same enthusiasm for specific products, but keep in mind, your channel is about the community, SONAX is a brand for everyone. If you run a channel based on one of your product-lineups, like SONAX-Bike and there is a key-visual for it, it has to be used. Make sure to follow the network's guidelines and upload the image in the highest resolution possible. Keep an eye on different devices and the resulting image cropping.

    In any case, do not use an image you found on the internet or you have taken with your phone, please do not create product compositions on your own and never include headlines, names, tags or taglines, too. There is no need to place a logo either, to a channels header image - this belongs to the profile image. If you need help contact your brand official.

    Channel profile

    Of course, we are not talking about your private profile image. But if you are responsible for an official SONAX communication channel, the profile image has to be crafted with care. Basically, it consists of two elements. The SONAX logo and an area to name your channel. It is important to use the provided logo. There are no other valid logo variations, always show the full logo, including our claim and the location marking. Don`t move, scale or edit the logo in any way. Upload the image in the highest resolution possible and keep an eye on technical specifications like retina resolutions.

    Profile Image Generator

    Use our handy, little image generator to create a profile image for your social media profile that follows the guidelines above. You can change the channel title as in a maximum of two lines. The title has a maximum character count of 22 characters. If it gets out of hand, try using an acronym or a country code based on your content. Download your high-resolution image afterwards. Note: The image is always square. Your social network will take care to round it out if profile images are displayed circularly.


    Participant profile

    If you are part of a network or community only, for example, a participant in video-calls or a member of our digital exhibition staff you can not change the networks channel-header or profile image. In this case, try to incorporate our brand in a different way like the zoom background-image or your profiles header-image in the profile settings. We can prepare specific assets if needed, primarily to include our logo if needed.

    If you already own a dedicated image as SONAX official, we created for your department, make sure to use it as your profile image! If you want to create your own profile image, check the people's guideline, so you look like a decent human. Wearing some of our merchandise would be a nice touch, too.

    Asset download

    A before and after image composition highlights the product result after it was correctly applied to the surface. It is crucial to include a shot of the image before the surface was treated. Ideally, this comparison has to be communicated as an "all-in-one" composition, placing the before image on the left and the result on the right side. If it is not possible to get a single composition, it is possible to use two images beside each other, but please make sure they share the same content (e.g the car) and production setup (e.g lighting and brightness).