Presenting Products


    When to use

    Use this guideline whenever you want to present SONAX products and feel the need to increase sales. All advice is based on our experience and should be considered helpful, not as a requirement. If you are already a SONAX partner, it might be useful to monitor all SONAX specific mannerisms like using the optimized SONAX title we offer.

    When to consider an alternative

    If you are already an experienced eCommerce professional, many suggestions we offer will sound familiar and might already be implemented in your shop. If you are looking for assets or marketing material, you could use the SONAX-Marketing-Centre/SONAX-Media-World directly.

    Brand core

    In general

    Presenting a product in a non-intrusive, trustful and elegant way is a challenge. After all, the goal is to create a need, convince the customer and sell as many products as possible. It might be easy if a great marketing campaign with a landing page and social media support going along - but established products need to be presented appealingly as well, including a great deal of information. Some of this information can be attractive like product features or images, while some information can be tiring like security information. Regardless of their character and referring to the SONAX brand core, be honest at all times and present every information required by the product. In conclusion, every customer should return to buy more products, so he has to remember you as trustworthy, honest, helpful and reliable.


    Let's start with the basics of delivering a successful customer journey. Some main principles of a satisfied customer are already being addressed by the major players in the e-commerce business. There already are familiar and established rules that target a specific customer need that will drive his buying choice and should always be addressed if possible.

    Be trustworthy

    In general, trust can be obtained by a strong, established brand or by recommendations. But it is also essential to grow your customer base and convince first-time users of your and the qualities of a product. A simple and established approach to support trust is the use of trust seals. If a product has one, show it! Be careful about the size of the seal is it too large and distracts, it will be considered overconfident. Please stay away from creating custom badges. It will be sensed as being dishonest.

    Be honest

    Never tease more than a product can deliver. SONAX produces excellent products and it is not in the brand's interest to advertise features that do not hold up. List everything that is included in a product package and always note additional equipment that is needed. SONAX, in general, does not produce dangerous products, but it is necessary to present all security notes and link all instructions dictated by law.

    Be reliable

    Reliability in an eCommerce context always associates with delivering products in time but maintaining product information can also contribute. Update packshots and product information regularly, check for new images or videos regarding the product so that it appears to be up to date.

    Be Helpful

    Delivering additional service to the customer base is always a good idea. Always list secondary or related products that could be used to make a product application more convenient, do not list random items, only products that contribute. Finding the right product at the right time suits the customer and conveniently sells more products. It is a win-win situation.


    A typical shop layout consists of parts like the featured image zone, including packshots, crucial videos and in-context images. The product detail area includes the product title, all trust enhancing measures, product variations and sizes, product features, a short description, the price and the add to cart button and finally, the most critical security details. Most of these details have to be placed "above-the-fold", meaning these elements should be readable without scrolling the page. More information like additional product suggestions, a comprehensive product explanation or an in-depth feature demonstration, can be placed below the fold.

    As already mentioned in the product image guideline, the shortest and most effective way to deliver information is through images. In conclusion, you want a lot of them. But keep in mind to not include repetitive or information that does not work as an image like text. Show a clean packshot of anything enclosed in the package. Include everything showing the main features of the product. And finally, if available, its application in a small image composition or video. Please use embedded videos, instead of links, only. It is meant to keep the customer in the shop, without forcing him to external content.

    2. Product detail area

    Start with the product title using the optimized-for-online one – including the product series, the product quantity and the packaging. Include all trust-building measures, like rating or trust seals, near the top. They have to be recognized by the customer immediately. The product variations and product quantities should follow next, so the user can customize his product before adding it to the cart. Of course, show the price near the variation and the add to cart button, so if variations lead to an increased product price, it would be recognized. Hiding or scaling down the price leaves an impression of dishonesty. The same principle applies to the security papers as well. Include them visible and to their full extent. Finally, place the product description containing the main product features but keep it short this information should fit above the fold.

    3. Product suggestions

    Product suggestions are significant. They present an opportunity to place more products resulting in more product sales, but they should be considered helpful by the customer and not appear like advertisements. After all, only present items related to the featured one like bundles, enhanced/limited editions or equipment needed to achieve the best result.

    4. Product application/explanation

    To get recognized as a service partner by a customer enhances trust. Overall it helps to get recognized as a professional dealer that cares about his customers. Building a compelling guide or explaining product features in-depth takes time but is a likeable service to every buyer. If explanation-material gets placed at the disposal, it strongly is recommended to use it to its full potential.


    All Material needed can be downloaded by using the SONAX-Marketing-Centre/SONAX-Media-World. Fundamental materials like high-resolution images, application images and videos, product title and description, product variations and all security papers, as well as secondary information, like customs numbers, technical data and GHS pictograms. If access is required, please reach out to your local contact person.