Presenting people


    When to use

    Use this guideline only in the context of a professional brand video- photo session. This guide contains only general advice on the best practice communication that fit our brand guidelines.

    When to consider an alternative

    If you need some general advice regarding behaviour that fits our brand values have a look at the voice and tone guide. This guide has no relevance in the day to day business.


    Oh dear, this is a sensitive topic but not dispensable. We love every staff member for his or her individualism, but keep in mind that our customers are individuums, too. It is possible that customers all over the world get offended by things we are not aware of, depending on their cultural background or traditions. There are no strict rules on how our staff has to present but to limit the risk of discomforting foreign humans, be aware of extreme poses, gestures, exessive accessories like jewellery or exaggerative tattoos. This does not mean that you are not allowed to show off, only make sure you don't offend others.

    Clothing general

    Remember, a portrait is about the subject, not the clothes they are wearing. When the subject is wearing bright and colourful clothing, it is going to be distracting for the viewer, who is going to be automatically drawn to it. This is often overlooked because it is down to the subject, rather than the photographer, but you need to pay close attention to what they are wearing if you want to get the best results.

    Clothing specialists

    Our customer should get the most authentic impression of our staff. Meaning if specialized or characterizing clothing worn typically in a day to day business for a specific job, this clothing should appear in the context of the resulting image. For example, a lab technician often gets characterized by his lab coat or a field staff by their branded polo-shirts. If SONAX merchandise is available, try to use it. A general rule regarding the outfit is to use the day to day business clothing. Be aware that we follow a strict exception regarding gloves. We know, a lot of professional car-detailer always wear gloves regardless if a product would be harmful to their skin. SONAX products, in general, are free of skin-irritating chemicals. Therefore, all images have to be free of any detrimental associations, including protective gear like gloves.

    External brands

    External brand signets are always a problem. This does not mean that there is no tolerance to show an external brand, but SONAX can't make sure that the shown brand want's to be related to our business context. If clothing with a strong brand implication is chosen, make sure to hide any visible brand logo or signet. Of course, highlight, stage and show the SONAX logo if possible.