Presenting cars


    When to use

    Obviously, use this guideline whenever you need a car to promote your product, develop a short-film that is SONAX related or even on a fair. It is your choice to choose the brand you want to work with, but it always has to relate to your target audience.

    When to consider an alternative

    If you want to present a bike, don't use the car guideline. To get this guideline going, it has to have four wheels at least.


    Yeah, we all love cars, right? So it makes sense to get your hands on a dream car any time possible and yes, a photoshoot is a great opportunity. But unfortunately not every car is the right one for our customers, it is important to understand that our target audience needs to relate to our brand and without a few exceptions, does not own a supercar. Try a more reasonable, average car for each of our product lineup, like a middle-class vehicle for our DIY lineup, a high-class one for the XTREME-Products or an oldtimer for the premium-class. We are sure there will be an opportunity to rent a supercar in the long run but base your choice on the target audience, not on your personal beloves. Assuming your project is the perfect opportunity to use a supercar, feel free to contact your brand official to get clearance, but make sure to prepare some great arguments why the projects target group would benefit from it.


    Some of the SONAX products are more representable on a specific type of paint. For sure, they will work on all kinds with the same high-quality result, but they look visually more appealing if you chose the paint colour with care. In general dark paint will be preferred. In either case, don't use popping, light or colourful car-paint. Applied products will look dull or even worst like dirt you are trying to remove. There are some exceptions to the chosen colour of car paint. On one hand, red car paint will perform great if some art of weathering has to be shown. If the desired result is aiming for this kind of purpose, feel free to use a red car-paint. On the other hand, there might be a specif need for car-paint that is related to a special kind of product or product line-up, so the colour derived from that product's design. If so, please contact your brand official to get clearance. Never shoot an entire set of images based on an assumption this kind of exception, should be applied to your project.


    The interior should be chosen considering the presented product lineup, too. If a leather-cleaner is promoted, use a light leather to present the result with the maximum amount of contrast in all before / after comparison shots. Keep in mind, we don't want to promote the car interior but the performance of our cleaning products, so don't chose an interior that is distracting, exceeding stylish or looks like a space-ship that our target audience does not relate to.

    External brands

    External brand signets are always a problem. This does not mean that there is no tolerance to show an external brand, but SONAX can't make sure that the shown brand want's to be related to our business context. Regarding cars, it gets a little bit more complicated. A car brand is known to promote their product as a luxury item or a dream. We don't want to communicate this image in any way, this is totally up to the car manufacturer, so try to avoid showing readable brand signets or logos. In some cases, especially wide shots it is impossible, but make sure there is a way to paint out the brand logo if requested.