Writing phone numbers

    When we display a phone number, we want to make it as simple as possible to dial this number. That means that we use a good to read format. It also means that we link the number to dial automatically by clicking or tapping the number in a digital context.

    To display phone numbers consistent in all SONAX products and channels is quite easy. First of all, you have to decide if the number is displayed nationally or internationally. If the context is clear, the following format guidance will help you.

    National notation

    To display phone numbers for a national audience, use parentheses to indicate digits that are sometimes not dialed and resign the + and international prefix.

    ✅ Do❌ Don't 
    (0607) 123 45670607 123 4567
    +49 (0) 607 123 4567
    +49 (0607) 123 4567

    International notation

    In the international telephone number notation, the leading plus (+) serves as an international prefix symbol and is immediately followed by the country code. Parentheses are not allowed in the international notation.

    ✅ Do❌ Don't 
    +22 607 123 4567+(49) 607 123 4567
    +49 (0) 607 123 4567

    Spacing and separating

    Spaces should separate country code, area code, local number and direct dial. For separating, only spaces are allowed.

    ✅ Do❌ Don't 
    +22 607 123 4567607-123-45677

    For more information, have a look at the international standard E.123