Brand Core


    SONAX is a brand for everyone we create products and services aiming holistic surface cleaning, treatment and care. All of our products always guarantee sustainable value retention and long-lasting protection for vehicles and machinery of all kind. Our product lineup includes enthusiast, industry professionals and private users.


    The SONAX self-perception consolidated means "Simply the best" followed up by our key-statements and brand vision, "Top of mind", "Top of Heart", "Top of Market". To pass these conceptional objectives directly to our target audience, we only create premium cleaning and care products with top performance generating a sustainable value to the customer. Considering these claims, "Top of mind" means to be always the first brand thought of surface treatment or conservation in any context. SONAX is a brand designed as enthusiasts first-choice and should be an enduring influence for our customers to tread their surfaces as "Top of heart" regardless of their location in the world. We want to be at the "Top of the market", creating the best user experience and the highest product quality possible within a fair budget.


    Part of our main-goal to ensure consistent premium quality is our tradition to innovate, develop, and produce the SONAX product-lineup in Germany. We always work driven by modern industry standards and innovate consecutively to the customer's needs. Customer service and guidance are key-pillars of the SONAX self-perception and considered the main gear that drives our employees. We presume to continuously centre around the customer's feedback to learn and to expand our business.


    SONAX communicates! Regardless of our marketing, trough our employees or by our customer's recommendation, the SONAX brand core owns value and is worth to care about across multiple locations in the world. Based on our self-perception and customer commitment, delivering only premium products, all SONAX communication has to reflect these objectives across every channel. Starting with our quality-statement, we communicate as an industry-leading company meaning to be always as confident, clean and precise as possible. We are dynamic and powerful, focusing our product lineup and presenting it in a consistent way across all markets. It is essential to our customers to know what our product lineup is capable of and to identify the product's purpose at all times. We never state claims we are not capable of sticking up to, and we don't like compromises in any way. Measured through our customer's product experience and their product expectations, we expect ambition, enthusiasm and a personal commitment by all of our staff. Be "simply the best" according to your skills. Always communicate the SONAX brand to the best of our knowledge and belief.